Armstrong Brands


…each are tried and tested to perform every time helping to reduce the cost of labour which accounts for 90% of the cleaning costs. From conventional cleaning, to Green Certified Armstrong products will get the job done. Contact us for more information on all Armstrong Branded Products.

Our cleaning solutions have been setting a standard since 1969. These products represent your ideal cleaning systems, meeting every government requirement for MISA, Health & Safety, and the Environment. For all your cleaning needs from General Cleaning to Floor Care, Warewash and Laundry as well as Personal Care, you can be assured StrongArm products guarantee problem free results.

For over forty years of reliable floor cleaning solutions, our sweeping compounds and absorbent products are exceptional products used for everyday absorption and dust control. From small garages or full size warehouses, ProSweep and Floor-Dry will be your go to products.

A Specialized Odour Control line that provides you with all the counteractants required to manage, eliminate and control unwanted malodors. Our unique fragrance with Anti-Odor Extender (AOE) neutralizes existing odours and keeps areas odour free for hours. The proprietary fragrance system is a one of a kind odour eliminator to eradicate the worst problem. This product line allows you to manage odours from floor to ceiling: “Real solutions to work”

It only takes a small effort to make a big difference…it’s in our hands. Our certified green line provides all the necessities for a safe and fragrance free line. Ideal for Leeds certified buildings or cleaning contracts requiring Green Certified products. Tested to UL Environment standards, our line surpasses all your green needs and also reduces the carbon foot print with reduced packaging and concentrated formulas. These products work just as well as any conventional products.

Pet Care Essentials is the “Stuff” you need to clean your pets and all the things they make dirty. From cleaning your pet, to cleaning their space and your home we have you covered. Our unique Skunk Shampoo is unmatched at eliminating Skunk odor from your pet, your clothing and home.